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Why Preventive Maintenance

The high reliability of a diesel generator set is achieved and ensured with proper preventive maintenance. A scheduled and planned preventive maintenance program is the most effective way of ensuring that the generator set is fully operational to start and take its load in the event of the primary power getting off-line for any planned or unplanned reason.

Prime Reasons for preventative maintenance programs:

  • Reliability : Critical installations like hospitals, airports, military installations, telecommunications, nuclear plants, data systems and others require the standby generator to be up and running without fail in the event of a power failure.
  • Performance : – Neglecting to monitor the condition of the battery charger and starting motor and / or inadequate battery maintenance are one among the most common reasons for failure of generator sets.
  • Safety : Failures of components can cause risks both to the personnel on the site and to those relying on the output power of the generator set when in need. Preventative maintenance programs help in detecting the normal or abnormal life-cycle deterioration of components within the system and replace those components before they fail. It will also ensure that the root cause of any abnormal failures caused are identified and eliminated ensuring that there will not be any repeat failures.
  • Economy :Prevention is always better than Cure. The early detection of any internal or external problems helps in avoiding any failure of the generator set and ensures maximum availability of the equipment for duty. Shorter down time and lower repair / replacement costs provide in greater savings in the operational costs of the diesel generator set. Larger economic losses that could occur if a standby system failed to come online can also be avoided thereby cutting down on potential losses for the business or enterprise.



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